Comedy Team

An improv comedy group asked me to join their team, but they wanted an answer on the spot, and I just couldn’t.

7 thoughts on “Comedy Team

  1. That can be a stressful situation! Both being asked to do something like that on the spot and performing improv. When working as a campus rep I had someone in an improv group borrow the camera and the iBook to tape and burn their show. Needless to say I was asked to watch while he was sitting there and I didn’t laugh nearly enough to his liking. He then made me watch the tapping of the car ride they went on for this show. That is part of my life I will never get back.

  2. OK, I’ll be honest. This is just a Steven Wright-style joke. None of it is true. I was just hoping to make people laugh. I’m really surprised no one seemed to get it. Well… maybe Neal got it.

  3. Oh, I got it all right, buster. I chuckled, but was also wondering how real it was. Only in the twisted membranes of my friend’s mind, I guess, hehe.

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