8 thoughts on “The new Mini

  1. I just figured I’d report back and let you all know I’m totally loving it. It plays the HD trailers extremely well, Kevin. 🙂 You should see the Xmen trailer on this bad boy. It has to scale it down because my monitor isn’t big enough, of course, and I think that might be the cause of the occasional stutter I think I see when I play it.

  2. I take it back! There’s no stuttering whatsoever, actually. It’s an effect they’re using on certain clips to give them dramatic effect. They slow the FPS of that particular clip down even though the trailer itself is still playing back at 24 FPS. I just watched the entire trailer again with the “info” window open, and it said it was currently playing at 24 FPS the entire time, without dipping once.

  3. Maybe Apple just doctors the info pane 🙂

    We bought one of those bad boys and hooked it up to our 50″ HD plasma display and surround sound stereo system in our kitchen – it’s sick.

  4. LOL… if Apple doctored anything, the entire world would know about it within 30 seconds, and Apple’s stock price would be instantly cut in half by jittery investors.

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