4 thoughts on “Cool Band Name Strikes Again

  1. Sweet, there is a name for everything. I have wondered what those sudden starts were called for some time. Josh, how good of you to be increasing the public (or at least my) knowledge. 🙂 And it *is* a cool band name, no doubt.

  2. Hmmmmm, this happened to me when I had a nightmare where I was Indiana Jones. I didn’t have his luck, and when I was pulling at that grassy rope to get out of the pit (a la Raiders of the Lost Ark), it gave completely away on me, and I fell towards the distant spikes. My hypnic jerk saved me from a gruesome, if quick, death.

    Or the time I fell asleep during a Brushaber chapel at Bethel. The place was pretty darn empty, and I and a few other guys were sitting with our legs up on the seats in front of us. My hypnic jerk was probably seen by everyone in the audience, and I think I scared the crap out of Andy F. He’d have to confirm to be sure… but it was pretty dramatic, hehe. People were staring!

  3. I once fell asleep in high school with my head about 2″ off my desk. I suddenly woke up, snapping my head down against my desk before sitting straight up.

    But since I was in the process of waking up (as I remember it, perhaps I was still drifting off), maybe it wasn’t hypnic.

    And we can all hope for a successful return of Mike Myers to SNL, where he can play the hypnic hyper hypo.

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