LED Throwies

Steph and I went to the Maker Faire today, which was really interesting. I picked up a packet of LED Throwies from the peeps at Graffiti Research Lab, and when I got home I couldn’t resist making a how-to video (even though I doubt one is necessary). It’s pretty brain-dead simple, really; probably one of the simplest things at the faire to make. All the same, I think they’re beautiful and fun. Enjoy!

(I’d recommend letting the whole video load before watching it. Otherwise it’s kinda choppy.)

11 thoughts on “LED Throwies

  1. I guess I don’t really think of this as me joining a “craze”. Honestly, if I wanted to join a craze I would’ve done it months ago. It’s just me posting a video which I made and wanted to share because I think the content itself is worth sharing. So this is more about LED Throwies than it is about YouTube.

    I used a video-hosting service for these reasons:

    • I didn’t want to muck with all the web-friendly, streaming-friendly video compression-related junk. (Done it before. No fun.)
    • I didn’t want to make my own <object> and <embed> tags and test them across different browsers. (Done it before. No fun.)
    • I wanted to save myself some bandwidth.
    • I wanted to get this video online as quickly as possible with little to no effort on my part

    Having said that (and understanding you may have already known all that) I do like YouTube. And I like it because I’ve already uploaded some content to Google Video, and didn’t have a great experience. The main issues I have with Google Video are, first, it took them almost two days to approve and activate my video (With YouTube, it was about 5 minutes.), and second, their player’s performance seems even worse to me than YouTube’s. I didn’t really consider Veoh or Vimeo because, as I said, I’m not trying to be hip and join a craze. I’m just trying to put my frickin’ video up.

    That’s the problem with people (like me, honestly) who spend tons of time reading all the hip bloggers (37signals, Scoble, Engadget, Make, Flickr, Kottke) and being incredibly up-to-date on all the newest Net trends. We’re Web 2.0, we’re AJAX, we’re incredibly del.icio.us and script.aculo.us. But we’re so busy being hip and trendy that we never make a frickin’ thing. I’m tired of being up-to-date. I want to produce content.

    (That last part isn’t directed at Kevin. Kevin produces truckloads.)

  2. Of course I say that with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. I like to poke fun at myself for signing up for every new site out there–Flickr, Squidoo, Gmail, MySpace and now YouTube. I was just curious if you had compared a few video services and decided to go with YouTube, or just went with it.

    And yeah, actually producing some content is nice. Though video content that’s worth watching seems to take a lot more effort.

  3. LOL! Oh, heck no. Are you kidding? You must be kidding. My cuticles are so bad that I was actually a little worried people would notice them. I was hoping the slight blur you get when you compress video would improve them a bit. Maybe it did. I don’t know.

  4. Some of them lasted four or five days. Some of them are still glowing. No, I’m not kidding. They’re not glowing brightly, but there they are. It’s really cool. I’ve got them all stuck to my microphone stand next to my desk. I figure if I’m not singing, at least it’s good for something. 🙂

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