Get A Mac

Apple has just launched a new ad campaign called “Get A Mac.” It’s really ingenious. Check out the TV ads. They’re really funny. There are so many subtle things going on in these ads! It’s fantastic.

Which is your favorite? Personally, I like “Network.”

6 thoughts on “Get A Mac

  1. They are all cute and the fact that the kid from Ed is in it thrills me to no end. But man that virus one is like asking to be punched in the face. If I were ‘evil virus writer’ guy I think I would have just gotten all inspired and what not.
    …. Goes back to being agnostic backup guy.

  2. Network is funny when the “camera” pulls a picture out of… well, you know where. I think the iLife one is my favorite though.

    “What sort of things do you come bundled with? Calculator. That’s cool. Clock. Oh that sounds like hours of fun.”

  3. I liked Restarting, but just barely over Networking, Better, and Viruses. With the Networking ad, it would have been cool to see the camera try to connect to the PC and all the people acting as translators — you know, elderly guy goes between PC and camera first -> outdated. Then, young guy enters the mix, but he’s speaking German. However, TV spots kinda need to be 30 sec. or less.

  4. I’m with Kruck. If I were a hacker, that commercial would totally encourage me to give Apple what for.

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