Free Phone Calls for 2006

This may not be a huge deal, but it’s an interesting little tidbit of news from today. You may have heard of Skype. It’s a piece of software for Mac, Linux, and Windows that allows you to do voice chat (and text chat, and video chat in some cases) over the internet for free, worldwide. The sound quality is pretty good (better than a normal phone), the software is easy to use, and it’s totally free. I’m “josh78” on there. Look me up.

Today Skype announced that for the rest of 2006, they’re going to allow free PC-to-phone voice chat for everyone in the USA and Canada. So if your computer (again Mac, Linux, or Windows) has some speakers and a microphone, it just became a free phone. A free phone that can dial anywhere in the USA or Canada for absolutely no money whatsoever. The other party doesn’t need a Skype account, they just need a phone number. I suppose if you’ve got a laptop, it’s now a mobile phone. (Hehehe…) Download and enjoy!

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