Email or Postal Mail?

I just got my regular monthly email from an educational loan company telling me that this month’s updated information is now available on the web. Nothing special there. But I decided to actually read the email fully this time (who reads this stuff?) and found this:

If you are receiving this notification via US Postal mail, please take a few minutes to login to [our website] and update your email address. In order to continue receiving monthly reminders, you must provide your current, valid email address.

So my loan company apparently has no idea that they’ve just sent me an email, or they don’t know how to tell the difference between email and postal mail. This isn’t some rinky-dink outfit I’m talking about. This is a gigantic company. Apparently they have no idea how they’re communicating with me, and need to just put boilerplate text everywhere, just in case. No, it’s not phishing. This email is totally legit. And stupid.

At least make “login” two words, guys. The single-word variant is a noun.

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