Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Tomorrow is my good budddy Kevin Hendricks’ birthday. I was thinking about Kevin recently because another friend of mine and I were talking about radio shows, and somehow I got around to telling him about how I was once kidnapped while on the air at a college radio station, and my cohort Kevin was held hostage in the station itself. This all happened live on our radio show, Mission Control. He was aghast until I explained that it was done by people we knew, and it was a practical joke. Then I remembered I still have the recordings of that event, so I shared them with him, and he really liked them.

I went back and listened to them myself, too. I’ve gotta tell ya, Kevin totally takes the cake in this recording. His timing is right on, his reactions are perfect (and totally unrehearsed). It was our best show ever. So for anyone out there who enjoyed Mission Control, didn’t enjoy Mission Control because WBCS’ signal was too weak, or took part in the kidnapping itself, enjoy. It’s been over seven years since that event, but I feel like it was… well… maybe like it was three.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Mission Control – The Kidnapping (3/22/99) (5.4 MB zip file)

Read Kevin’s retelling of the event (see “03.22.99 – Monday”), written later that same night.

Update (6/15): two of the “terrorists” involved in this event have responded privately to me today, and I have been supplied with a local copy of a website written around the time of these events, chronicling what happened from the perspective of one of the lead terrorists, who we’ll call “Nate.” Because that’s his name. Read his twisted account of the events, view exclusive photos taken amidst the chaos of that dark night, and understand the mind of a dangerous criminal!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kevin!

  1. Hey, that’s me! 😉

    Oh, the nostalgia. If it wasn’t already 11:00 p.m. I’d take a listen. Maybe tomorrow.

    Thanks, Josh. I have to say that whole hostage incident had to be the total high point of our college radio experience. When the audience (especially a tiny, feeble little audience), rises up and does something like that, well, it just makes you so happy. Even if you were held hostage.

  2. That was a fun night. I’m glad I was on the “giving” end of that. JL, do you still have the picture of you tied up in the middle and all of us getsch3 guys around you? I’m the one in the brown stocking cap.

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