Stephanie, the Designer

Stephanie is quickly becoming a real designer. I’ll explain what I mean via a “conversation” she and I had this morning, but I have to set something up first. Stephanie and I each have our own alarm clock on our own side of the bed. Hers goes “Beedeebeedeebeet, beedeebeedeebeet, beedeebeedeebeet,” and mine goes, “Kreee, kreee, kreee, kreee.”

And now, our conversation. We were laying in bed, asleep, and…

Alarm clock: Beedeebeedeebeet, beedeebeedeebeet, beedeebeedeebeet
Josh: (Imitates alarm clock) Beedeebeedeebeet, beedeebeedeebeet, beedeebeedeebeet
Stephanie: (Gets up, hits snooze, and lays back down) Joshua.
Josh: Huh?
Stephanie: If your alarm clock was a font, it would be Helvetica, and mine would be Helvetica Neue. (Falls back asleep.)

And that was our “conversation.”

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