Sometimes I’ll open the blinds and look out the window when its dark outside, just to see what’s there, who’s on the sidewalk. And for just a moment my insides will seize, because I see a man standing right in front of me, peering in at me, looking directly into my eyes. And then I immediately realize it’s just my clear reflection on the dark glass. And I close the blinds.

But I’m always afraid that one of these days, it won’t be a reflection.

6 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. You mean, you’d actually be looking at yourself really standing outside looking at yourself standing inside? Great Scott, that would be freaky.

  2. What are you…a cat or something!

    Maybe you should try looking out your window only during daylight hours. Either that or make sure to keep a hand up around your face while opening the blinds…this should prevent you from looking directly into that other set of eyes.

    I would also suggest switching to decaf and stop eating catnip!

  3. How about if I make a realistic painting of what it looks like outside of the window, and we just hang it over your window? Then you can look out all you want with no fear of creepy peeping stalker surprises.

  4. Why don’t you go outside and look IN your window and wait for you to look out. Which do you think would be more surprised?

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