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Apple fans have, no doubt, heard that Apple has just released the new Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. I don’t have any public comments about that particular product. But I was just clicking around on Amazon’s site and thought I’d drop in on the corded Mighty Mouse they’re selling there, just to check out the page. When I got there, I was treated to this:

54% of customers who view the Mighty Mouse on Amazon.com buy the Nikon 18-200mm Zoom-Nikkor Lens

So apparently most people (not just many, but most!) who view the Mighty Mouse on Amazon’s site go on to purchase an $800 Nikon zoom lens for their SLR camera. 9% fewer buy anything mouse-related at all. What does it mean?!? This is a great example of statistics gone wrong.

My apologies to the 54% of you who followed that link and now have to go and buy that lens. I know, it’s pricey, but I’m sure the shots you’ll get are great.

3 thoughts on “Mighty Something

  1. Just to stand up and defend my corner of the world…Its not often that the statistics themselves have gone wrong, its the people interpreting them that go wrong. To me, this is a great statistic. The pattern obviously exists in the world, its how you use it that matters.

  2. It demonstrates the randomness of human thought. My wife refers to this as “something shiny”. This by no means is an outlier.

    Either that or it is a great marketing ploy by Amazon.

    Customer: I need to get a new mous…oooh, what’s this. A Nikon 18-200mm lens for only $800. Sold!

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