I went over to tonight and did a few tests to see what kind of bandwidth I’m getting here at the Lewis Chateau, and got these numbers. Pretty sweet for home use, I’d have to say!

Still, the real reason I’m posting these is for documenting purposes, really. I pay $55 or $60 per month for that bandwidth, and I’d say it’s worth it since it’s in constant use by multiple devices all over the house. (I’m sometimes even using it from two or three devices simultaneously by myself. So I could pay less and get less bandwidth, but I choose not to.)

I’m just showing the stats and quoting the price here so that I can come back in 2008 or 2020 (yes, I expect these writings will still exist in some usable form that far the future) and see how much I was paying for what kind of bandwidth, and get a chuckle out of it. I can only assume that by 2020 the bandwidth we’ll all have access to will put those numbers absolutely to shame. I can only hope it’ll cost less than that time’s equivalent of $60/month.

(To anyone making comparisons, notice I changed the default from kilobits/second to kilobytes/second. It makes a bit of a difference. 😉

10 thoughts on “Bandwidth

  1. Over here in Japan, the connectivity is awesome. I get fiber straight to my house for about $40 a month. They advertise 100MB, but it’s more like 10MB; still pretty good.

  2. For $50-60 a month, that’s not that good. I have basic DSL, and I’m getting much better number on upload (1273 down, 316 up). Of course, I actually don’t know how much my internet costs… thanks, Apple, for paying for it!

    But Josh, I think there are better deals out there right now at the same price range.

  3. Not in my particular neighborhood there aren’t! I’ve already made all the phone calls.

    C’mon people! Gimme some real stats, don’t just quote incomparable statistics off the top of your head.

  4. At 1:30 in the afternoon, here’s what I got through Comcast:

    8/16/2006 5:23 PM GMT
    9033 kb/s 356 kb/s 55 ms
    New York, NY ~ 50 mi

  5. my stats. Seems somewhat comparable, and reasonable (I’m on the 6Mbps tier). If only their DNS was decently responsive most of the time. They seem to have weird rate limiting, either not on the cable modem itself or it has routing exceptions. They link to the northern lights gigapop (I2) here, and I can pull ridiculous speeds over that sometimes. Of course that’s when I haven’t lost block sync…

  6. I cheat.

    8/17/2006 20064 kb/s 13306 kb/s 15 ms Atlanta, GA ~ 350 mi

    8/17/2006 30348 kb/s 13707 kb/s 14 ms New York, NY ~ 450 mi

    8/17/2006 17283 kb/s 9267 kb/s 55 ms Chicago, IL ~ 600 mi

    8/17/2006 6050 kb/s 5817 kb/s 75 ms Los Angeles, CA ~ 2200 mi

    Before you drool, I’m at work. I don’t pay for this internet, I just use it while I’m sitting around waiting for phone calls. (Please… someone… call me…)

    Here’s the stats from home, off the top of my mind, because I’ve got them memorized
    8/16/2006 0 kb/s 0 kb/s Timbuktu, does it really matter? ~ 1 or 1000 miles, also doesn’t matter.

    Right. So, I’m cheap. No internet at home yet. Maybe next year it’ll be in the budget. Any advice for service providers?

  7. Here are my at-work stats (in kilobits this time, since I think my choice of kilobytes is confusing):

    Yeah, baby!

    Laura, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an upload as high as yours. Schweet!

  8. mwahahah… my bandwidth beats yours, Jeff. (Higher IS a better number, right? 🙂 )
    My work treats me well.
    er, something.

    Irony is, I probably have the least need for this speed of anyone posting here.

    Want better bandwidth? Work at MY university.

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