Lately the spam I get has been so boring! I’m no fan of spam, but I do love it when spammers start to get creative and say some totally ridiculous things. Spamusement proves I’m not the only one who sees spam this way.

I know I’ve already written about the subject of ridiculous spam names. Recently I was wondering how these names were generated, what made them all similar and what made them different, and if I could somehow generate spam names myself, like a big boy. And I’ve found that yes, I can, and you’re going to profit from it. *shakes fist menacingly* Profit!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Namer. It has over 32 billion names in it, and it’ll randomly pick a new one every time you click the little button. Go on, give it a try. If you get a good one (or three), post it! Chances are, no one else will ever see it but you, so share the love.

18 thoughts on “Namer

  1. You have way too much time on your hands!

    But I did like…

    Wisconsin K. Midwest – location must be important to this guy.
    Stands F. Knifed – how does he stand after being knifed?
    Burstiness T. Treasure – I like bursting treasures!

  2. Shoddy L. Luftwaffe … if only

    Gotham M. Rupturing … holy ripping, Batman

    Inimical C. Roberts … has a new romance novel coming out this spring, I think

  3. This is addicting…

    Testicle E. Charles
    Weasels O. Curse
    Untrained J. Boners
    Vehicular C. Mcnulty
    Churchman B. Apologetic
    Dating M. Frustrated
    Libido V. Login
    Botulism B. Bamboo
    Footnotes B. Overcome
    Galloway F. Pancake
    Tingles C. Actuate
    Smelling E. Floors
    Depot B. Lesbian
    Whirlpools M. Bubbles
    Haircuts R. Popsicle
    Screw R. Homosexual
    Tinkles E. Wiped
    Bagley B. Binders
    Stomach M. Agitators

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