And Boom!

I really tried hard not to post this. I honestly did. I’m just not strong enough.

5 thoughts on “And Boom!

  1. It is interesting how English starts sounding like a foreign language when someone repeats the same word over and over.

    Thank you for thoroughly annoying me!

  2. Wow, those Macs must be something special… I’ve never heard anyone say Boom that many times while using Windows. Anybody know of a Boom benchmarking program so I can see how my PC stacks up?

  3. Everyone needs a catch phrase! Steve Jobs is an exception. At least Emeril doesn’t say “BAM!” in every sentence. My wife loves his show and I find myself watching it with her and he doesn’t say it that often.

    This little video reminds me of a sports anchor KARE11 News in the Minneapolis area hired about 10-15 years ago. He was hired during the middle of the baseball season and his catch phrase for a home run a “badda-bing badda-bam, gone!” He would say this for every homerun even if there were back-to-back-to-back homeruns by a team. There were so many complaints that he was let go in a little over a week. He even got hurt once doing a story, and I remember not feeling the least bit concerned. I just thought about whether or not he would be back the next night saying “badda-bing badda-bam, gone!” Instead Kare11 did.

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