Interesting Voice Mail

Steph and I got a phone call today while we were out. This was the message they left. The three or four second pause at the beginning really sets you up nicely here, I think. Listen first, then read.

After hearing this, we were both thinking it would’ve been far more interesting to go the route of, “Did you know there are more than 378 registered sex offenders in your back yard right now? Seriously. They’re actually trying to peek in your windows. Go look, I’ll wait.” As long as we’re trying to shock people, why not add a little heavy breathing, and have the recording claim to be one of the registered sex offenders on the phone right now? “Who is it honey?” “Oh, it’s a registered sex offender. He wants us to vote. And… and leave our patio door unlocked.”

2 thoughts on “Interesting Voice Mail

  1. He might as well ask what door he is at and whether or not you remembered to lock them all.

    It would make me mad that someone left a message like that on my machine! For starters, I have an unlisted number that I do not give out to more than my family. I would be out for the blood of the person/company who sold my number to group like this. It is a scare tactic that should have no place in politics, but sadly does only because of how people react to them. It’s politics to point out what the problems are and who is to blame for them and not to come up with any good thoughts as to how to deal with those problems.

    This makes my blood boil!

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