Sufjan at Second

It’s official: Sufjan Stevens has recently passed the Beastie Boys on my artists ranking page for 2nd place. He’s worked hard. He deserves it.

It doesn’t look like anyone will pass Beck anytime soon, however.

Trivia: #11 and #12 are actually the same artist. If the scores were combined, they would rocket him to spot #4, bumping U2 down a notch. Here’s a fun game: see if you can figure out who he is and why I like him.

Also of note: I’m #60 on my own list. Yay me!

5 thoughts on “Sufjan at Second

  1. I ordered that album two or three weeks ago, and it isn’t here yet! It’s driving me crazy!! I hope it gets here in time for Christmas.

    Watch: it’ll arrive on December 26th.

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