Christmas in California

I’ve lived all over the Midwest. I was born in Iowa, just 60 miles from the teensy town of Big Springs, South Dakota, where I grew up. Then I lived in Willmar, MN for awhile, Green Bay, WI, and finally the Twin Cities. If you plotted this on a map, you’d see that the Twin Cities was my family’s Sol, and we were a planet with a fractured orbital path, careening throughout the Midwest. Still, no matter where in the Midwest we lived, every Christmas we would head into the Twin Cities to spend time with all our relatives.

This year was the first year in my and Stephanie’s entire lives that we did not set foot in Minnesota. OK, we did videochat with a select group of Minnesotans, but we didn’t inhale.

It was a bit strange not being in Minnesota on Christmas, and certainly strange not being with family other than Steph. It’s been a year since we’ve been back, and we certainly miss them. And we miss all the rest of you too! Still, our Christmas was fun, the weather was far better than what we’ve come to expect of Christmas Day, and we really needed the break from our busy schedules. The lack of airports was a bigger plus than I ever expected.

So if you were wondering why you didn’t see us this Christmas, now you know! And knowing is something the something.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in California

  1. I missed you guys too. Josh, you need to get those engineer buddies of yours together so you can get the iTeleport device finished. I’m starting to think that it may be vaporware. Perhaps it will be announced at MWSF.

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