Making Music with Eddie

If you thought this post-Christmas blogging explosion only covered the last month, have I got news for you! We’re going all the way back to August, baby! Eddie visited me in late August and we had a good time hanging out in Santa Cruz, trying to clean my office windows with a squirt gun and some Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner in the middle of the night, talking about how we handle risk, and talking about girls. Well, women. I guess some things have changed since high school.

Still, no visit with Eddie is complete without, you guessed it, rocking out. We used to perform together a lot, and Eddie has become quite good with a guitar over the last few years, so when we fired up Garage Band and put the guitar in Eddie’s hands, interesting things started to happen, and I recorded them.

Amongst the best were two covers of “Such Great Heights” that we ended up doing. At first, we were just trying to rip off Iron & Wine’s version of the song, but we eventually broke free and went punk. Later, Eddie urged me to post the stuff up here, and I refused because I didn’t like my singing. My breathing and phrasing is all wrong. It doesn’t go anywhere. The notes aren’t even all that accurate. All in all, they were some of the worst recordings of my singing that have ever been made. (Make no mistake, Eddie’s work is quite good here, and that’s the main reason I’m putting it up.) Eventually I decided to not listen to good judgement, get over it, and just put it up here in the hopes that people would enjoy these songs for the three-take wonders they are. Simple, faux-pretentious, and silly. Plus, there’s crackers!

Enjoy. Maybe.

Our Iron & Wine lullaby ripoff:

Our punk version:

Oh, and you don’t have to listen to them in your browser. You can download the MP3s here if you’d like to bring them with you or save them.

(Update 4/27/12: I decided that I am just too annoyed and embarrassed by these songs to keep them up here, so I removed the links. Call me a coward if you want, but I insist that I can do better, and I don’t need to publish my bottom-of-the-barrel scrapings in order to get there. I like Eddie’s work, but not mine.)

4 thoughts on “Making Music with Eddie

  1. Did you add the drum track in later or was it going when you recorded to help keep the beat? If it was added later, how did you match the two up?

  2. We put it there originally just to keep us all together. It mostly worked. Yeah, I don’t know how we would ever add it in later without doing some serious editing, unless one or both of us had perfect rhythm.

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