Been Doin’ This Awhile

Today I sat down at an old iMac that was tucked into the corner of the teacher’s lounge at Steph’s school because I wanted to find out what continent Turkey is technically on. (It turns out it’s Eurasian. The Sea of Marmara is generally used by geographers to divide Europe from Asia, and that sea is within Turkey.)

When I began using the iMac, I noticed the version of Mac OS X they had on it looked old. Like, really old. Pinstripes and no-Command-tab-bezel-window-with-big-app-icons old. I wasn’t surprised: there’s no better place to find outdated technology than in a school. (I found a working Apple II in an elementary school in 2001. I told the teacher she shouldn’t let kids play with it because it was probably worth something by now and should go to a museum or something.) Anyhow, I brought up the “About This Mac” panel on this old iMac to sneak a peek at the OS version. It was Mac OS X 10.2.8.

That wouldn’t have much significance to most people, but here’s the tie in: I worked on Mac OS X 10.2.8. I’ve had my fingers directly in the Software Update pie since about 10.2.2 if I recall correctly. That was late 2002. And suddenly it hit me that I’ve been doing this awhile. Quite awhile.

Man, I feel so old. And I had to hear it from Mac OS X 10.2.8.

3 thoughts on “Been Doin’ This Awhile

  1. oh man! and I remember how updating the system to 10.2 felt THAT huge a deal … 10.1 was so much less. 😮
    and now i see all these monkeys around who feel totally lost even with 10.3 …

  2. Wow! I never got the impression from the commercials that Mac could be so tactless as to bring up your age and how OLD you are. He probably said something about the lack of hair too.

    I bet PC would never say anything like that!

  3. Reading your Blog again I see the bit about the Apple II. I was given one by one of my little brothers in my Fraternity. I have been planning on making a Macquarium out of it, but I am scared to death to try discharging the charge built up in the monitor.

    I found a set of directions that discribes how to make your own tool if you do not have the one made specifically for the discharging of this monitor by Apple. It instructs you to jam the tool into a hole and wait for a loud crack representing the discharge of all the built up power in the monitor.

    Tell me, would you feel a little scard over these instructions?

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