Henson is Sick

Henson and his Chill Pill toyHenson has recently fallen ill. He was on some medicine recently that had a 0.5% chance of causing liver failure in dogs, and unfortunately he was in that 0.5%. Earlier this week he spent 24 hours at a vet hospital on an IV because he wasn’t able to keep any food down.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s done for. To the contrary, the liver is one of the most regenerative organs in the body, so there is certainly a chance that with the right medicines and treatment, he’ll be back to normal soon. He’s certainly gotten a lot better since his visit to the hospital. But it’s not a done deal, and we’re still getting more information from his vet as they do blood tests.

Please keep him and us in your prayers as we may have some hard decisions coming up. I’ll keep you all posted. This has been harder on me and Steph than I expected. When I take a photo of him, like this one, I find myself thinking, “Make this one good.” It’s certainly making me more thankful for the time I have with him.

4 thoughts on “Henson is Sick

  1. UPDATE: He is improving. He has been keeping his food down. Bloodwork from the vet shows that his ALT has gone down, although it is still in the “danger zone.” He has also been very wide-eyed and active, which is the Henson we are used to. That’s so much better than the sad, sleepy, depressed Henson we had a few days ago. So, we are hopeful and he is doing better! 🙂

  2. For those who don’t speak Veteranarian and don’t know what ALT is (I didn’t know until last week what it was), check out this section of Living with Hepatitis C for Dummies. Go, Internet, go!

  3. Now I feel so guilty for not coming to visit more often. Tell him I miss him and I love him. Hopefully I can see him soon. Is he at home or still in the hospital?

    Praying for you both.

  4. He’s at home now. He actually only spent about 30 hours total in the hospital, and has been home since then. He’s actually doing a lot better.

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