The Resurrection Really Matters

I just read an article over at Albert Mohler’s blog called Rabbi Gellman Gets It — The Resurrection Really Matters. It’s a truly excellent article, and I’d strongly suggest you read it, even if you’re not a Christian.

This article gets to something that is at the very heart of Christianity, something I’ve tried unsuccessfully to express in the past. And in this case, Rabbi Marc Gellman understands something perfectly clearly about Christianity that many Christians don’t even grasp: namely, without the resurrection of Jesus, Christianity is completely meaningless. Gellman’s article, quoted by Mohler, states that, “Some Christian respondents to [the movie ‘The Jesus Family Tomb’] have said that even discovering the bones of Jesus would not seriously undermine their faith.” That confuses and frustrates me to no end. What he’s saying is completely true, but I wish it weren’t. It’s just an indication of how watered-down Christianity has become.

Christianity is not about a set of behavioral guidelines. It’s about belief in a supernatural, transcendent event, and the meaning of that event.

One thought on “The Resurrection Really Matters

  1. Read the article. He is sadly right that too many Christians don’t understand the supreme importance of the resurrection or the natural negation of basic tenets that would follow if it never happened.

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