Desktop Tower Defense

Don’t blame me if you start playing Desktop Tower Defense and are no longer able to hold down a job, have friends, or go to the bathroom.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Dang, that’s a really fun little game.

10 thoughts on “Desktop Tower Defense

  1. Wow! That IS addicting. My high score(which was on the easy level, of course) was 26 hundred something and got to something like level 56. I made a windy maze where the little guys could choose one pathway, then right when they were about to get to the next phase of it I’d block it of with the $5 pellet tower thingy and they’d have to go all the way around and get shot at and stunned all over. When I got to some of the later bosses(who took forever to kill) I’d have three sets of the bad guys going through my maze. As it went on the time it took to sell the pellet tower took longer so that’s how a few’d get through. The flying ones at the end were what did me in as they didn’t have to go through my maze. If done over I would have strategically placed a few more of the powerful towers. I liked the fast shooting ones though. Fun!

  2. w00t! I just beat “normal” level (which means I got to the end of level 50) with 17 lives left and earned 5341 points. Feels good.

    Bask in the glory of my totally awesome maze. That gap in the 3rd row from the bottom was something I was working on when the game ended. It wasn’t really supposed to be there.

  3. Wow, Josh! That is really good. I just tried the ‘normal’ and only got to the 49th level and then died. I think I didn’t even quite have 4,000 points yet either. One thing that is nice is that when you do have you maze in place you do have time to go to the bathroom and get some other stuff done, come back, upgrade, etc.

  4. Actually, I was almost constantly working during this game. I had to wait on four or five occasions to save up some gold for that final upgrade to a tower, but other than that, the action never stopped.

  5. I just pulled off a 5110 on the medium level. I concentrated my upgrades in a spiral in the middle (that way the shooters could also take out the flyers, the ones that usually get away). The extremely high upgrade on the shooters plus forcing everything to go in a night tight circle around my high damage shooters made for a nice score. Mmm… such a dork on a Friday night.

  6. I am soooo addicted. Have been since Jr. was born. (Tell Steph — 4 am nursing goes quicker when one hand is setting up towers to squirt little dudes. You know, however, that you’ve gotten a bit too addicted when you think your child’s eyes look a lot like the fast creep’s eyes… all round at one end and pointed at the other.)

    Sorry, haven’t checked your blog lately. Congrats on the news!!!

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