Due Dads

I went over to DadLabs.com the other day to check out their wares, and I happened upon a DVD video called Due Dads: The Man’s Survival Guide to Pregnancy. Let me give you an excerpt from the description text, so that I might make a point:

Even though expecting a baby has nothing to do with football playoffs, grilling excellent steaks, margin calls, fuel injection, or cold brewskis, this DVD will teach you the skills that will get you safely and happily to that big 0th birthday.

Let’s review that for a second, shall we? These are the things dads are into, or at least know a lot about:

  • Football playoffs
  • Grilling excellent steaks
  • Margin calls
  • Fuel injection
  • Cold brewskis

If you know me well, this list will strike you in one important way: I score a zero out of five on this list. (I don’t know what the frick a margin call is.) Lists like this make me stop and ask what kind of “man” I am. I seem to have a hard time fitting into the stereotypical man mold. I don’t know why that is. I’ve always been generally disinterested in sports. Grilling bores me. Cooking in general bores me, actually. And… having looked up “margin call” on Wikipedia, I’m only lightly into investment and stocks. I’ve traded some stocks, but I’ve never spoken to anyone who would call themselves a broker. Finishing off the list, I’ve never liked muscle cars (although I do know a beautiful ride when I see one). I pretty much only drink alcohol when it would be rude of me not to.

When I read the list to Steph, she knew what I was getting at immediately. Her answer: “You’re a geek. Of course you don’t like any of those things.” So she suggested I rewrite the sentence. Here you go:

Even though expecting a baby has nothing to do with playing World of Warcraft, coding excellent CSS-based layouts, margins and padding, DOM injection, or Cold Fusion, this DVD will teach you the skills that will get you safely and happily to that big 0th birthday.

Yeah. Now I’m ready to not buy that DVD.

3 thoughts on “Due Dads

  1. Instead of playing catch outside or watching the big game on Sundays, do you plan on having little baby Lewis sit on your lap while you write code?

    If so, don’t be surprise if his first words start with “printf”.

    Just kidding Josh! You’re going to be a great Dad, even if you don’t fall into the Average category. The most important thing is that you care and I foresee you being a very involved Dad.

  2. Ay de mi, these stereotypes abound everywhere: for men and women. A lot of the “group” activities you will see at churches get thrown into those categories, like the guys only having a softball team. At our church, all the women’s activities fall into “girly” activities, like a slumber or a TEA party of all things. Woo. Singularly unexciting to Jess, I know.

    And while I don’t dislike sports (though I am keeping track of them much less than I used to) or grilling, I’m pretty much a geek, nerd, and a dork (according to Jess). It makes it tougher to make connections with some other guys, but meh to that. Being a geek is just fine, and as my new t-shirt from Threadless proclaims, Geeks Unite!

    You don’t have to be into all that stuff to be a good Dad, so I wouldn’t worry about it. And if nothing else, you could buy the Dangerous Book for Boys (cool new book that just came out) so you both can learn about some fun “guy” stuff. Like how to make a tree fort, bow and arrow, and even batteries. Sweet stuff.

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