iPhone – A Guided Tour

It is absolutely urgent that you view the iPhone Guided Tour that was posted by Apple yesterday. It will absolutely blow your mind.

The iPhone is a paradigm shift in user interface and usability. Don’t get distracted by the presentation itself, just watch how it’s used. Then compare that to the phone you’re used to.

I know you want one. I do too.

2 thoughts on “iPhone – A Guided Tour

  1. I must admit that I thought the iPhone was being overhyped for what it does, but having watched that video, I’m a little more persuaded that it could really change things. There were a number of wow moments.

  2. Well stated, tpy. That’s essentially my point: there’s been a bit of backlash in the press lately with folks saying, “It’s no big deal”, “It’s just a phone like any other” or worse yet, making wild, negative, and inaccurate speculation about the iPhone. This is even happening a bit amongst reporters and pundits I respect, and that’s really disappointing.

    Just watching how it works is enough to set that straight. This is not just another phone. This is a game changer.

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