Kwik-E-Mart: Not a Library

Stephanie and I are lucky enough to live near one of the eleven worldwide locations in which a 7-Eleven store has been converted into a Kwik-E-Mart. We paid the Kwik-E-Mart a visit tonight, took some photos and video, and I got a Squishee. (But only because they were sold out of KrustyO’s, donuts, and Buzz Cola.)

Check out the photos on Flickr (all taken by Steph), or enjoy the slapped-together video I’ve just uploaded to YouTube. Gotta love that music.

Thank you, come again!

3 thoughts on “Kwik-E-Mart: Not a Library

  1. At the 12 sec mark were you trying to zoom in on that guy so much? I wonder if people ask him to talk like Apu? I bet he is sick of being on display at the Kwik-E-Mart.

  2. Oh, you mean 12 seconds from the end. (I wish YouTube showed time elapsed and time left.)

    I was actually trying to zoom in on his uniform, specifically the patch on his shirt that said “Kwik-E-Mart.” But then he walked back to the cash register.

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