Caleb Stephen Lewis

My son has arrived! First things first, go take a look at the photos I took this morning. I’ll wait. Go ahead. I really want you to see him.

His name is Caleb Stephen Lewis. We chose “Caleb” for his namesake’s special partnership with Joshua in the book of Numbers having reckless faith in the face of an unconquerable enemy. We chose “Stephen” to honor Steph’s father. And of course, when you put it all together, you get C.S. Lewis. It simply had to be done.

He was born this morning at 4:45am after a 10 hour labor. Steph was a total champ during the whole thing even though it moved hard and fast, and got quite a few sincere compliments from the nurses and doctors on staff. (I wasn’t surprised by that at all. If you know Steph, you aren’t either.)

The stats: he weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces at birth. He’s 20.5 inches long. He has hair, unlike his dad! It’s kinda dishwater brownish blonde at the moment. When he’s a teenager I’ll tell him the horrible truth about what will happen to that hair in his 20s.

He and Steph are upstairs right now, intermittently resting and feeding. He’s completely healthy and quite calm.

Celebrate with me today, friends.

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  1. I see Caleb can sense the indignity of the first moments after birth. The photo of him naked from the waist up shows he has some feelings about being poked and probed and photographed. At least at that point he looked calm and quiet like his father was just after birth.

  2. Wow… what can I say? I’m stoked and overjoyed – congratulations. The name… you had hyped it a long time ago… but frankly, you had underhyped it. It’s an awesome choice, and I’m sure he’ll love it.

    BTW… your first son shares my birthday 😉

    Congratulations, Josh, Steph, and Caleb!

  3. I already wished you Congrats over at Flickr, but it’s a party–comments all around! We’re so happy for you guys.

    And you never can be sure about that hair. Both grandparents are bald, my dad started losing his in his 20s, my brother’s is definitely on the way out, and mine is strangely full. Best of luck to you in defying your genes, Caleb.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to the three of you!!! How wonderful and exciting bringing a new life into the world. I LOVE the name. He looks very sweet and very cute. I can’t wait to see him in person. Isn’t it just such a miracle. I am always in awe that we can grow another human being and bring them into the world looking so beautiful!!

    My best of wishes to all of you,

    Candy Perri

  5. That name is sweet. I thought for sure you were going to geek out though. Like Xavier Michael Lewis (XML) or something similar.

  6. Wow! We rejoice with you Josh and Steph – what a great baby. Abraham and Sarah now have a son and the heavens rejoice – and Liz and I are singing along with you and the angels!

  7. Congratulations to you both. The pictures are great with the only thing missing is a picture of Dad and Caleb.

    I love the “C.S. Lewis”.

    Again, congrats!

  8. Awesome, I’m really happry for all of you.

    Howerver, C.S. Lewis: Man, I just want to beat him up and steal his lunch money. You totally should have named him Joe.

  9. Caleb Stephen’s great, great grandfather was named Joe Lewis. He was an Iowa farmer, born in 1876 and alive when another Joe Louis was the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world. In 1938 at Yankee Stadium Louis had defeated Germany’s Max Schmeling, Adolph Hitler’s favorite, in a fight that was radio broadcast worldwide.

    While visiting the local grain elevator in Forest City, the small Iowa town from which the Lewis family hails, (the grandpa) Joe Lewis was pointed at by a mischief-making local resident who said to a credulous kid, “Hey, do you know who that is? It’s Joe Lewis.” The kid’s eyes widened and jaw dropped as he looked at the very white farmer with the world-famous name who probably weighed all of 150 pounds with his work clothes on. The kid then approached great, great grandpa to ask, “Are YOU Joe Lewis (or ‘Louis’)?” To which grandpa replied, honestly, in the affirmative. It’s not every day one runs into the heavyweight boxing champion of the world on a trip to town in Iowa. You can see too that Lewis’ have had a bit of mischief in them for WELL over a century.

  10. Congratulations! You know, when Steph said that you guys had a name picked out but couldn’t tell me it, I swear to f-in’ God I thought, “I wonder if it’s Caleb.” The process by which this name surfaced is almost entirely random; I knew one kid named that in the first grade.

  11. Okay, so I know I’m the second person to say this but I totally knew he would be a C.S. Lewis and once I had that idea stuck in my head I just assumed the C would be Caleb. Probably because there aren’t that many great C names and I’ve always liked that name so somewhere along the line I decided that you guys would probably use that name. Long-winded way to say I remember a couple different conversations with you guys regarding baby names (years ago) and Josh saying that it would be cool to name a boy with the initials CS.

    Ramble ramble ramble. Congrats. Love the name, can’t wait to meet him in person. And you are way behind on your picture quota….

  12. The world is a sweeter place with another Lewis in the world. Even sweeter because the two of you are his parents. The luckiest kid I know. Congratulationscongratulationcongratulations!!! My love and prayers are with you.

    Wow. Beautiful.

  13. Congrats on the birth of your son. I found your blog because I was searching on “Joshua Lewis”. I have two sons, Joshua Peter Lewis and Caleb Stephen Lewis (my two spies). C.S. Lewis is a totally awesome name.

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