More Photos of Caleb

I haven’t yet found the time and energy to write down all the thoughts I’ve been having these last few days, so I’ll do something that requires much less effort of me but still wins bonus points: post links to more photos of Caleb!

We’ve decided to just post photo sets up on Flickr on Steph’s account, so that’s what we’ve done. If you want to be up-to-date on the latest photos of Caleb, just bookmark Steph’s Flickr page and go back occasionally. (Or subscribe to the RSS feed if you’re so savvy and smart.) For now though, we’ve got these two picture sets. The first set is the same pics I’ve already linked to elsewhere, and the second set is All! New! Pictures!

Caleb: Day One
Caleb: Day 2 + Day 3


3 thoughts on “More Photos of Caleb

  1. You’re finally starting to catch up on your picture quota…but we are still waiting for a dad & son picture.

    thanks for the update. he’s adorable.

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