New RSS Feed

For those of you who know what RSS is, I have a new feed. Replace your old feed URL with Thanks!

For those of you who don’t know what RSS is, check out for a one-minute explanation, and then look at the Google Reader Tour if you’re interested in getting your web news and blogs in a more efficient manner. I ♥ RSS.

2 thoughts on “New RSS Feed

  1. Switching over to Feedburner, eh? What prompted the move?

    I added a Feedburner feed (still offer the original) a few months back, both so I could offer e-mail subscriptions and so I could track how many readers I have.

  2. I’m really doing this just to be able to use all their nifty features. I haven’t gotten too deep into exactly which features I’m planning to use, but I like the ones I’ve seen so far. And it’s easier than rolling my own!

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