Coffee Break Machine: 1967

In 1967, Jim Henson created a short training film for IBM called “Coffee Break Machine” in which a bluish-green, furry monster slowly devours a machine as the machine plays back a recording that describes its own parts. Later that same year, the sketch was performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. That performance was recorded, of course, and it’s on YouTube now.

Enjoy the genius of Jim Henson.

Note: two years after this was filmed, a slightly modified version of this puppet appeared on Sesame Street, this time being brought to life by a 25-year-old puppeteer named Frank Oz.

We all probably prefer Oz’s additions to this character to the version we’re seeing here, but I have to say that Caleb laughed more at this video than he has ever laughed at me, so kudos to this performance, for what it’s worth.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Break Machine: 1967

  1. Classic. It also appeared with a different monster on The Muppet Show (season 2). Children seem to have a natural fascination with Muppets; my nephew’s favorite was Mahna Mahna. But the fascination didn’t extend to real life. I made a pretty Henson-esque puppet and for months he wouldn’t even allow it in the same room with him.

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