HeartBreakers: Yum!

Heartbreakers: Yum!

HeartBreakers have been my favorite candy for the last few years. I’m a bit worried that they seem to have become seasonal like Cadbury Eggs, and thus much harder to buy. Still, when I saw them in Target’s Valentine’s Day super-candyliscious-yummy-blowout-sale aisle, I grabbed more bags than I’m willing to publicly admit and made a beeline for the checkout.

Yum. Seriously, so very yum.

(This photo and the other, worse ones that I took in the series have also taught me how hard it is to photograph food. And I can only imagine this is the easiest type of all food photos.)

3 thoughts on “HeartBreakers: Yum!

  1. I had a conversation Monday night with a friend who works for Target. She said that for their print ads special “Food Stylists” are brought in to make the food look just right. Odd that as I laughed at the idea of such a job you were realizing how difficult a job it is.

  2. The first ones are always free! 😉

    I guess the best thing I can say is that now you know exactly how I feel. It sucks! However, I was lucky enough to not only get a stash from Target, but also to receive a five-pound bag of these things as a going-away gift from a friend. So I have tons now. Too many for me to eat alone! If only you were closer, I could share easily. Heck, I might still have some left whenever you come to visit.

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