Going Home

When Steph and I first moved out to California in June of 2002, we were both in agreement that we’d probably move back to Minnesota in a year or two. Certainly, we thought, the Pacific Ocean and earthquakes had nothing on our snowmen, our hotdish, our Ole and Lena jokes.

Obviously we weren’t correct in that guess, and for good reason. Apple has treated me fantastically over the last six years, allowing me to grow and learn in directions I had never imagined when I first arrived. Somehow I still feel like the Apple fan I was in high school, even though I’m a part of that magic now. Hyde Middle School brought Stephanie to new levels of excellence in teaching and even indirectly encouraged her to get her Master’s degree. The friends we made at work and at PBCC drew us in, convinced us to put down some roots, and gave us good reason to stay. And here we’ve been to this day.

But it turns out we were right that we wouldn’t stay forever.

A few months ago Steph and I decided it was time to go back to Minnesota. Caleb was a large part of that decision, but not the only part. I started looking for jobs in Minnesota a few weeks ago, and last Friday I accepted an awesome job offer as a web developer for a startup called Enclarity in Minneapolis.

So, what now? Yesterday I gave Apple my two-week notice. February 15th will be my final day there. (Appropriately near to Valentine’s Day, I think, since leaving Apple will for me be like breaking up with a long-time girlfriend.) We’ll be packing all our worldly possessions into a PODS unit in our driveway over the next two weeks, and on the 18th we’ll kiss the West Coast goodbye and board a plane in San Francisco, headed for good ol’ MSP.

If you’re in The Valley, take a moment to come see us if you can, or just send us a quick email or leave a comment below. We don’t have too much time to say goodbye, and we’d love to see you one more time.

If you’re in The Cities, make sure you’ve got that Swedish meatball recipe ready and turn on some Prairie Home Companion. We’ll be stopping by soon for a little lunch.

30 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Lame. Even though this drops the probability of just running into you once in a while to nearly zero, you’re not off the hook: I expect to hear from you frequently. I’m in ur interwebs, readin ur blogs. I also expect to hear the Family Lewis Tritones on Keillor’s show.

  2. Fantastic! I just wrote your Dad lasst nite asking about your plans, etc.. FYI, the new IKEA store at the Mall has great Swedish meatballs. Welcome home! And forget the Keillor show. He’s deep into the other party. Blessings, Blue skys, Tailwinds!

  3. are you sure FEBRUARY is the right time to move back to minnesota? the love affair could come to a grinding halt when you step off the plane and get slapped in the face with -30 degree wind chills.

    alas, welcome home dear friends!

  4. Whew! I thought you were gonna say you were preggers again already! So happy to have you heading back to home. Maybe I’ll get to see you more often!

  5. Josh & Steph,
    It has been a blessing to have known you through the years in California. Our church family will certainly miss you and your ministry to our kids.
    God bless you as you return to Minnesota. -30 degree wind-chill. Yikes!

  6. Son of Mothra will be waiting to greet you! Best wishes during your transition! May God continue to shower his joy upon you and your family.

  7. Wow!!! That is big news! Our church will miss your beautiful voices and humble hearts, too. Remember you always have a second home in Cali. God bless you in this next adventure.

  8. YAY! (sad that you have to leave Apple) but YAY! We’re excited to have you back. And now Lexi can see Caleb live and in person – not just on “da wap-top”.

  9. but you’re moving farther away from Australia! I am heading back to minneapolis in August. I will look you up and you can make me some hotdish since you’ll be good and settled

    congrats on the new job! hope the move goes smoothly

  10. Wow Josh, Steph and Caleb! We are sad that you are leaving. You will be missed here in California, BUT we are so happy that good things lay ahead for you! Keep us posted when you visit in the future. God bless you!

  11. I know it’s obvious but ALL of us Lewises (or former Lewises) are ECSTATIC to have you headed home. We will try to ease you through the transition away from Apple, we know it will be difficult to leave your “dream.”
    We’ll babysit whenever possible (although it may be a little while).
    Emily + 5

  12. Extended family (aunts, uncles, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, cousins etc.) are glad to have you back, as well. Don’t forget the parkas and quilts! Just remember, you will soon need the suntan lotion and beach towels, also.

  13. Glad you finally came to your senses! (Kidding)
    As a former Californian (for 2 and 1/2 years) I completely understand. Welcome back to the Land of Sky Blue Waters, our little piece of heaven.

  14. Your mother and I just returned from a ten day, Caribbean cruise which we enjoyed very much. It was warm and got warmer because at one point we were just 12 degrees above the equator and 15 miles from the noxious Chavez in Venezuela. Yet when I got off the plane in Minneapolis on Tuesday, having been in San Juan, PR just hours before and breathed the cold air, I was glad I was home. I know the following will come as a shock to most Californians, but constant warm weather is over rated. Period.

    We are glad beyond words that you are coming home.

  15. I don’t know how you made it this long. I spent one winter in CA and it threw me off for a whole year. You wouldn’t want Caleb to grow up to be one of those “parka when it drops below 60” people.

  16. Finally I will be able to get to know of all of you more. I know we are family and all, but to actually ‘hang-out’ on a weeknight will be a blessing instead of just holidays. I am so excited to come out to California to help you move back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Glad to have the whole family closer. We have missed you greatly.

  17. Hey guys,
    When you are settled in be sure to forward your new contact info. We’d love to send you cards as well as our new kids birth announcement as soon as he decides to show up. 🙂

    Larissa and Tone

  18. Josh!!! I was going to ask where you were working when I called you, but then I found this entry. I work on the same block as you!!! My company use to be in your building on the 6th and 7th floor!!! Now we’re in the Butler Square Building. Let’s connect sometime!


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