Seen in Dashboard Today


Maybe all the hubbub about weather is overrated? I’m just sayin’. Maybe Minneapolis isn’t really colder as much as it’s just more dynamic. Yeah, that’s it.

6 thoughts on “Seen in Dashboard Today

  1. I’m thinking dashboard was a little on the fritz today because according to it was 24 in St. Paul – that is unless there is some crazy jet stream or something that makes minneapolis and st. paul’s weather that different….

  2. I stand corrected! I messed something up with the weather widget, only entering “Minneapolis” rather than “Minneapolis, MN” or the zip code. Apparently not specifying the state gave me some other Minneapolis, or perhaps an arbitrary location which is significantly warmer than Minneapolis.

    I suppose the photo above serves as proof of the bug. I’ll have to send this in.

  3. I was going to say… is it really that much warmer in the Cities than it is only 2 hours north? I looked it up in a few places and it confirmed that, indeed, the tropics *ahem* I mean some relative heat had not moved in not too far from us.

  4. You still can’t beat the California sun! It’s actually been very nice this past week. A little windy, but the sun has been out most of the day!


  5. You may have gotten the weather for Minneapolis, North Carolina or Minneapolis, Kansas; I found them looking up Minneapolis on Did the big snow storm in the Mid west hit you guys at all?

  6. I did notice some snow on Wednesday or Thursday. I forget when, exactly. I was too busy running from the ravenous wolves.

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