Gas Station & The Flip

I got Steph a Flip video camera for Mother’s Day (yes, somewhat early) because I wanted to be sure we had something easily on hand to record all the little moments in life that don’t quite merit pulling out the HD behemoth, and many of those moments are soon arriving. Plus, now we can capture stuff from two angles. Clearly, this is not excessive. No! Perfectly reasonable.

Then, this evening as Steph went inside at the gas station to grab something to drink for our trip home from Maplewood, I couldn’t help but pick the little thing up and start talking to it. It is truly a delightful gadget. The lighting conditions here are not ideal, but if you want to see a video produced under more proper, normal conditions, clearly Stephanie can provide such things. I am bound to disappoint you in those respects.

8 thoughts on “Gas Station & The Flip

  1. Gotta say, I loved that video. I’m glad you and Steph are enjoying the great white north! I’m so happy for the three of you!

  2. So, was the FLIP that you gave to Steph for MOTHER’S DAY Pepto-Bismol pink too? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But we who drive off with gas hoses still attached to our car and then tell the whole WORLD about it when it’s long since forgotten wouldn’t want to be embarrassed in public, would we, hmmmm?

  3. Nice, video blogging. I was about to say, Summer of 2001 was when we were interning at Apple.

    Glad you weren’t embarrassed to tell the story to millions of people around the world.

    The flip looks pretty cool.

  4. Actually it cost $135 or was it $136 to replace the hose end, which is made to snap off without pumping gas all over Maplewood. I wonder if that’s what the Nozzle Maven charges when they call him.

  5. Funny, I don’t even own a computer that fits the system requirements. I never thought I would ever need to upgrade a system in order to run peripherals. That camera is sweet though and seems to have good resolution. I might have to figure out how to mount one to my sled or bike.

  6. I would absolutely love to see video from this camera if you mounted it to something like that and drove around. That would be fantastic! You could shoot for an entire hour so if something cool happened, you’d capture it, and if nothing cool happened, once an hour you’d stop, delete the video, and start over.

    No idea how long the batteries last (yet) though.

  7. Jeff, they do sell an “Action Mount” that will let you mount the camera to your bike, helmet, sled, extreme-sports-addicted cousin, etc.

    The Flip does seem pretty cool. I love the minimalist concept. But since my digital camera shoots decent video I don’t need to carry around two devices. Though somehow I still kind of want one. 😉

  8. haha! Matt’s done that. 🙂 I was in the car just staring at him, unable to form words as the gas station attendant came running out after us as he slowly pulled away until we met resistance in my little Hyundai Excel. He didn’t break off the hose, thankfully I think I remember the hose dropping out first.

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