Holding Out for Keynote Video

It’s keynote day! Today, Steve Jobs will take the stage at WWDC and announce some really exciting and interesting things. On a personal note, one interesting thing about today’s keynote will be that I won’t be able to see it live. I’ve seen just about every keynote for the last six years live, and a few in person. I hold to the belief that it’s more fun to watch via satellite than in person.

But even more strongly, I hold to the view that it’s far more interesting and important to actually view the video of the entire presentation than to simply read about it in text on a third-party website. Based on all the keynotes I’ve seen and all the third-party coverage after the fact, I’ve found that no matter how many news sites I read and how many truncated video clips I watch, there’s always something really interesting and frankly, really crucial that is missing from their reports. It’s never the same type of thing, but it always happens. People get facts wrong. People forget certain sections of an announcement. People skip a seemingly-unimportant aside made by Steve that actually says a lot more than it seems on first glance.

For those reasons I’m going off Twitter and I’m going off Google Reader until I can get some keynote video. I don’t want to hear other people’s interpretations of a keynote before I see it for myself. If you’ve never watched a full keynote, give it a shot! This might be a good one to try, even if it’s geekier than Macworld in January. (The WWDC audience is full of developers.)

If you’d like to see keynote video, go subscribe to Apple’s Keynote Podcast. That’s what I’ll be waiting to see. I really hope they post the video this afternoon or tonight rather than getting around to it on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Holding Out for Keynote Video

  1. We used to set up a room with a sat feed and watch it until they dropped the satellite feeds (or at least stopped releasing the info) a couple years back. I’m guessing they went to an internal feed over the network rather than leasing transponder time for cost reasons. It’s too bad that doesn’t scale well to allow everyone to stream it. I wonder if there’ll be edge capacity for qik this time (last time none of that live video seemed to work reliably).

  2. This is why we need a reincarnation of TechTV. They’d probably pay a ton of money to broadcast it live.

    I watch textstreams, then watch the video when it’s available. I’m too curious and impatient to wait. Your self-restraint is admirable.

  3. For the record, I wasn’t able to hold out for video. I read the text live, just like everyone else. It still wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as the QuickTime video-on-demand stream from Apple I watched later that evening, but it was better than being unable to concentrate because I was wondering what was being announced.

    I’m so weak.

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