Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any) – Radiohead from Old Electronics

I’ve debated sharing this with you all since Tim showed it to me yesterday. My mind keeps coming back to it. So at the risk of turning this entire blog into a heap of popular geek fluff with no lasting, personal value, I present one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in years. It’s a cover of Radiohead’s song “Nude”, done by obsolete electronic equipment, some of which was never meant to play music. (If you’re not familiar with the song, listen to it over on Grooveshark, if only to understand the fidelity with which Thom Yorke’s voice can be reproduced by hard drive platters.)

The music starts at about 1:09. Don’t be put off by all the non-musical noise the video begins with, but skip ahead if you must.

2 thoughts on “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any) – Radiohead from Old Electronics

  1. I’ve got a great idea. Let’s all scratch our finger nails on a bunch of blackboards and do it in rhythm. Wouldn’t that be COOL!

    Intricate? Yes. Captivating rhythmically? No denial. Avant-garde? What else? Able to hold our interest for longer than a few months? Uhhhhhhhhhhh…………

    The way music is going today eventually things will come full circle and someone will propose composing music that is….ready for this…pleasant to listen to, actually musical! Rhythm, intricate melodic and harmonic flow. Pleasing (now there IS a new idea) tone (What the HECK is that? What’s music for but to express our rage, our anger, our revulsion, our disdain?) Whoa! Now there’s a revolutionary idea! And we’ll be back to Bach and can start all over again.

  2. Whoa! First of all, who realized you could get sounds from each of those gadgets? Then who took the time to assemble them and work out an entire ensemble piece? Interesting.

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