Perpetual Adolescence

I turn 31 years old today.

This video sums up what I’m finally realizing about America and our youth-centric culture.

Don’t get me wrong! I still think youth is precious, beautiful, and important. But as I grow, I’m continually shocked at how little I change, how culturally acceptable that fact is, and how often I think about my high school and college experience, wishing at times that I could rewind the clock and go back.

I shouldn’t be going back, I should be going forward. There are riches ahead that the young can’t fully appreciate.

So don’t fear working hard at your job. Don’t fear having a career, even a career people don’t think is interesting or cool. Don’t fear getting married. Don’t fear being a parent. Don’t fear that day when you no longer care what’s in the theater or what’s on the radio. Maybe it’s not just that you’re tired or no longer “get it”. Maybe it’s that you’ve found something better. Something that the young just don’t have the experience to understand. It’s not their fault.

Let’s take some strides together, grow up, and move beyond all that.

6 thoughts on “Perpetual Adolescence

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I saw this video about a week ago, so I’ve had some time to think about it. The Jonas Brothers have not yet intruded on my sphere, thankfully. Perhaps the net effect of my ruminations is best captured with a birthday greeting:

    This year, may you leave behind those things of your inner child that are not worthy of adulthood: your inexperience, your meanness, your self occupation, your intolerance, and your fear of the unknown. May you take into this year all those things of your inner child that are worthy of love: your indomitable spirit, your curiosity, your malcontent, the freedom of your imagination, and your love of mystery. May you make these parts of you larger and stronger, and furthermore do what you were powerless to accomplish as a child: make your dreams real!

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