Instagram, Protector of Virgin Minds

Thank God that Instagram was there to save me from this terrible, dangerous false information!

What would my life have been like if I had continued on, potentially believing that people might be standing in formation to honor horses lost in battle?! We can’t have that!

Not only is the dangerous information initially hidden, but when I finally find the “See Post” link at the bottom of the image, it’s incredulous at my choice “Are you sure?” Do you actually want to see something that we’ve found has no information to support it? REALLY?!

But Josh, there’s no evidence of this claim! How can you stand to look at it? Does it not immediately and irrevocably pollute your pure, virgin mind? We fear your very neurons may be ripped to shreds by the unverifiable nature of this information! We’re looking out for you, Josh!


Start at Step 3. A tasteful callout. Let me see the information and move on.

If people are going to be stupid, allow it. Yes. Give them that freedom. We sell enough rope at the hardware store that one can go home and hang themselves. That’s OK. We allow that to continue when the other options are regulating rope, or covering every inch of the rope with stickers advertising the toll-free number for the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Offer help without standing in the way. Just put the offer out there. Say “I care about you, so I’m offering this, but you’re free to ignore it.” Do not say, “You have to stop and look at this before I allow you to continue.” The first is love, the second is anxiety.

One thought on “Instagram, Protector of Virgin Minds

  1. Is freedom of speech in America any less threatened when those in charge of the public square censor us than when the government does? What’s the difference?

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