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Me, Chicago Sidewalks and the iPhone

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Soundboard For Everybody!

I just had a really odd idea for a fun social web application, and in classic form, I’m just going to hand it out rather than make it myself. Call me lazy. No, go ahead. Call me lazy. I’ll wait. OK, my idea: you may have seen things called “soundboards” before. Arnold Schwarzenegger has quite […]

Your Favorite Funny Movies?

Steph and I have had a bit of the January doldrums lately. It’s dark and cold outside, we’re kinda poor, and we could use a good laugh. What are your favorite comedies that are available on DVD right now? Leave a comment, and we’ll Netflix the ones that sound good. Here’s to a whole month […]

Me and IE

That’s pretty much it.

The Dell Museum

The other day Steph was going to head down to The Bell Museum of Natural History, and we had this brief conversation. Steph: “Tomorrow I’m going to be at The Bell Museum in the afternoon.” Josh: “Did you say The Dell Museum?” Steph: “No, The Bell Museum of Natural History.” Josh: “Oh! I thought you said […]

What Happens When I Go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Get Bored

IM IN UR KRAFT STOR, originally uploaded by JL!.

How and where not to do The Fishstick.

I assume most folks who aren’t huge Mac or Twitter nerds aren’t familiar with Lonelysandwich. Nonetheless, enjoy. Watch How and where not to do The Fishstick.