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We Are All In Ministry Now

I recently talked (ranted) a little bit while recording on my iPhone on my commute home. I didn’t expect anyone to hear it except maybe my friend Jason. The rant was all about the Table and one particular thing that I wish more people understood about what the Table does and what it means to […]

Christians: All Your Needs Are Already Satisfied

This one’s for the Christian theologians in the audience. If you’re not a Christian, I don’t at all expect you to agree with this. Consider, agree or disagree, and enjoy either way. Everything in life that you truly need, in the deepest sense of “need”, has been and will continue to be given to you […]

Desiring God Audiobook – Free!

I am still struggling to decide whether to say that this post is intended mostly for Christians. I will say this: it is my personal opinion that the writing of John Piper may be considerably thicker than the writing to which many people are acclimated. Thicker theologically, thicker in structure, etc. Having said that, the reward of understanding […]

In God We Trust

A couple weeks ago, I told this story to a close friend of mine. I made it clear I didn’t have plans to share it publicly. He exhorted me to share it with all of you. I don’t share this in order to puff myself up or put myself on any kind of pedestal. It […]

Green Grass and a Clear Driveway

Last night I had a dream. In my dream, when I woke up the next morning, it was as though May had come in the middle of January. The snow had all melted overnight, the grass was green and growing, birds were singing, the sun was shining. I remember noticing my driveway in particular–there was […]

The Hope That We Confess

I’m not a very political person. I lean Republican, but not always very strongly. I tend to be apolitical. If you’ve been reading this blog or known me for very long, you’ll know that’s true.  I mention these things to back up the fact that I’ve never been too bothered by anything Obama has said in […]

A Blessing for Caleb

Last Friday Caleb turned one year old. I am so proud of my boy. I love watching him grow, I love getting to know him, I love seeing his personality develop and start to show, and I even love all the difficult lessons fatherhood is teaching me right now. Well, I usually love those. Especially […]