Timmy Wheat

This entry inaugurates a new series of entries on my blog. I’ve already written about installing Vonage service and why I love it. And now, the fact that I get wav files of my voicemail emailed to me is a perk that you are all going to benefit from. *Shakes fist threateningly* Benefit!!!

From now on, any time someone calls us and leaves a voicemail for someone who doesn’t exist here, if I find it remotely funny or interesting, I’m going to post it on this blog. I’ll remove any personally-identifying info if I can.

Exhibit A: Keith is looking for Timmy Wheat. Timmy said this was his phone number. Keith needs some help. Listen, now, to a message for Timmy Wheat (124 KB).

By the way, this could somehow relate to Tim’s recent theory on the name “Timmy”.