The Genius of Pogo – New Creations from Old Creations

I recently stumbled upon an amazing new artist called Pogo, and I want to share a couple samples of his work with you. His mood and insight take my breath away.

Pogo makes music by reusing pre-existing material. He samples and loops and clips and layers. Sometimes he adds his own drums or an original bass line, but in general, what you’re hearing in his music is a collection of sounds from other music. Occasionally he’ll even find music in something that was never intended to be melodic. He takes it a step further, though, by taking each song’s collection of samples from another single work. For instance, one song’s clips might be taken from one particular movie.

Without further ado. I present to you his take on Alice in Wonderland, and Mary Poppins. Take a deep breath, sit back, tune in, and discover beauty you never knew was there.