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Elitism in Geek Culture

Earlier today I saw this video, made by a company whose web application I deeply love. The company is NewRelic, and the tools they make are wonderful in helping me to make my web applications better in many ways. I was bothered by the video, and I said so on Twitter. Later, the man who […]

New World and Old World Computing

Steven Frank of Panic Software writes the piece I wish I had written about the iPad. His insights are both reasonable and shocking, and I’d say they’re spot-on. Read it.

The iPad and the Importance of Focus

Apple has introduced the iPad today, and it starts at only $499. I admit I thought Apple was going to go more in the direction of Inkling as I expressed earlier on this blog, but I suppose by releasing the iPad, Apple allowed it to happen, even if they didn’t do it all themselves. The […]

Jonathan Ive Talks About Design

I am absolutely freaking out right now about how fantastic this video is. Have patience, and watch the whole thing. Once you get to the 4:40 mark, it’s all 100% pure gold wisdom. This is the secret ingredient. I cannot be any more direct than to state it that bluntly. Pay attention. (via Your Tech […]

The Problem with Tablets

There are lots of rumors swirling about an Apple Tablet. It’s to Apple’s credit that people get excited about (and start reviewing) a device they’ve never seen. Maybe Apple is making one, maybe not. I have no idea. But the rumors are swirling more quickly than usual, gaining details as they go. They feel pretty […]

iPhone OS 3.0 – Accessory Ideas

The iPhone OS 3.0 presentation that happened on Tuesday really got me thinking. There were a lot of exciting announcements that are being loudly touted by the press: the arrival of a rather elegantly designed Copy and Paste to the OS, Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) support, CalDAV support, new application payment models, and device-to-device interactivity are […]

Josh: 1 Point

Exhibit A: a blog entry of mine from March 2007 titled “Passive Ambient Input” Exhibit B: This Apple patent, dated July 2007. Woo! I get a “geek karma” point for that one.