Leopard’s Mosaic Screensaver

Lately I’ve been entranced by Leopard’s built-in “Mosaic” screensaver. In case you’ve never seen it, I figured I should share it. (And in 490 x 306 glory, no less. Wow!) And if no one cares, at least we’ve got it archived here (edit: the movie file has sadly disappeared in the sands of time) as an example of a screensaver that was cool back in 2008.

What screensaver do you use?

Update 11/17/08: the thing that fascinates me most about this is that the original picture being constructed at the moment doesn’t need to be used to construct the final mosaic image. It’s as though all the pictures I will take in the future of friends and family I haven’t even met yet could be reproduced reasonably with the photos I already have. That kinda blows my mind until I realize it’s really just painting. All we see is color. Our memories are only arranged color and sound.