Lewis Baby #2 is Due in December! Woo!

We’re pregnant! Yes, really! Steph is 15 weeks along now, and the baby is due in mid-December. Steph has written her own entry with her thoughts on her blog, if you’d like to read it. I recommend you do.

So far, what we know is that the baby appears to be very healthy and normal. In fact, the doctors tell us this kid’s activity level is unusually high. They’ve already wished us luck when we have to take care of this one and Caleb at the same time. We could definitely use your prayers in advance. Thanks.

We don’t know the gender of the baby yet, but if the kid cooperates, we’ll know in a month or so. We’ll tell you as soon as we know.

I wasn’t sure if this world could handle even one of my spawn. Prepare yourself for two, World.