Becoming Real


Yes, it’s me.

Listen, I know we don’t talk as often as we used to, and I regret that. I’m sorry. But I want to introduce you to the reason I’ve been so quiet. It’s something beautiful. Something graceful and seamless. Something with massive potential. Something that has taken most of my energy for the last two years of my life. Something I’ve been actively prepared for by much more than the last two years.

Tomorrow, it’s no longer a test. It becomes real. Tomorrow is a day so many have prayed for, maybe without even realizing it.

It’s called The Table.

Have you ever wanted a place where you could be real? Where you could drop the mask, drop your personal brand for a second, stop talking about skin-deep topics and show the fractures in your skeleton? We’re in pain, right? Some days are bad, some are better. And yet we know we can’t get away with much more than hinting about our pain when we’re broadcasting to the world. So many people don’t get it. So many don’t want to.

I’ve always thought the place to do that stuff was at my church. These are the people who are there to walk with you through the slime, the fear, the hurt, the ugliness. These are the people who are humble enough to serve you when you’re down, and tough enough to not wimp out on you when you’re defiant and running for the cliff. And you don’t just receive that. You give it, too.

I want to be honest with you: if your church hasn’t done that for you, maybe you haven’t been to church.

Ask your church to sign up (don’t go alone) and start loving and serving each other in a way you may have never done.

Get real. Pull up a seat.

Soundboard For Everybody!

I just had a really odd idea for a fun social web application, and in classic form, I’m just going to hand it out rather than make it myself. Call me lazy.

No, go ahead. Call me lazy. I’ll wait.

OK, my idea: you may have seen things called “soundboards” before. Arnold Schwarzenegger has quite a few. (Here’s one.) Other celebrities have them too. The idea is that you can insert quotes in the celebrity’s voice into a conversation or play them at appropriate times in context, and hilarity will ensue. I mean, the “Who is your daddy…?” button on the example board I provided is awesome all by itself, right? Sometimes people use these to make prank phonecalls and record the calls. You get the idea.

What if you could easily make a sound board of yourself? Like, in 5 minutes or less. And your friends could then use the web application to record themselves having a “conversation” with you in which they could make you say almost anything they wanted, depending on which quotes you provided to them. Then of course, their creation would be shared with you, and you could get your revenge by making a conversation with them using their soundboard. It goes on forever and ever. Perhaps there would be conversations between three or four people simultaneously with version 2.0.

I really think this has legs. It would require flash to tie directly into the person’s microphone (or webcam, even?), but it would be so much fun seeing what people would come up with.

I’m tempted to post my own sound bites in raw form here and see what you all do with them, but I don’t want to go too far this early in the process.