Not for Small Children

Holy tiny metal parts, Batman! Take a look at the Toshiba 0.85-inch Hard Drive. Even if you’re not a geek, that thing is impressive. I remember (uh-oh, here we go) when I had a 1 GB drive that was the size of a bible. A bible with a concordance! That tiny hard drive can hold four times the amount of data that my bible-size hard drive could, back in the day.

5 thoughts on “Not for Small Children

  1. Josh, nothing to do with the hard drives, but I wanted to ask how I can post to the PBCCJH weblog? I seemed to have tossed the email on how to do it. Are there instructions online? Email me and let me know.

  2. My only question is: does it still make a loud clanking sound when the actuator fails? That is the best way to know that a Hard Drive is failing – or has already failed. Without that noise, who would know their data could be moments away from loss forever?

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