Spider in the Sock Drawer

Last night there was a big, hairy (at least in my mind) spider on the ceiling of our bedroom, right over the bed. So of course Stephanie sends the arachnaphobe in to rescue her. I got a paper towel, made sure it was nice and thick, and attempted to squish the thing, but it got out from under the towel (don’t they always?!?) and fell down towards the bed. All the action peaked Henson’s interest, so he was standing there looking up when it happened, and the spider never even hit the sheets. CHOMP! Henson’s reflexes are getting quite quick.

So this morning I’m getting dressed and I open my sock drawer, and what should greet me but this spider’s brother, sneaking across my Champions. When he got a look at my expression he made a break for Boxerland and I lost him in the darkness, so he may still be in there. I felt my feet tingling all day today whenever I thought of it! I bet he’s mentioning my unmentionables, that little twerp! Talk about an invasion of privacy! I’m OK with having another pair of eyes on my boxers, but not eight.

I think it’s about time we drop the Bug Bomb on those little suckas.

4 thoughts on “Spider in the Sock Drawer

  1. Isn’t there enough residual bomb effect in your shorts from past bomb droppage to sufficiently sufficate anything that gets near them?

    In any case, make sure to check the fly. I hear spiders like them parts.

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