Hey! It’s the Sun!

Last week a lightbulb in my office blew out, as lightbulbs are wont to do. Every day since then, I’ve consistently forgotten to bring a new bulb in from home. Last night, though, was different. I was in the garage taking care of some unfortunate business (attempting to fix my car battery, or taking out the trash, or doing one of those unpleasant tasks one is often relegated to in one’s garage) and I spotted some lightbulbs, and they jogged my memory. So I grabbed two and put them in the car, so I wouldn’t forget.

This morning, I had them in hand as I entered the office. I put one in and twisted the switch.

I immediately wondered what wattage the bulb was, but unfortunately I was now blind and couldn’t read the printing on the bulb. When my vision came back, I realized by looking at the second, identical bulb that I had replaced my 75W bulb with a 250W one. And now it’s as bright as California Noon in here.

So now my co-workers are walking by my office and asking how my suntan is going, or poking their heads through my door to see why I brought a spotlight to work.

I wish I had forgotten to bring it in again.

13 thoughts on “Hey! It’s the Sun!

  1. Hey Josh,

    In my yahoo search for “where do I go to use my new webcam?” your post Spy, about your iSight was result 14. Anyhow since my name is Josh Lewis also, your blog caught my eye. I enjoyed your site, insight, and style – just thought you might like to hear it from a like-named person.

    J. Lewis
    Louisville, KY

  2. Sounds like Polyphonic Spree to me.

    And do you mean to tell me that Apple makes employees supply light bulbs for the desk space lighting? I can only assume this is a lamp brought from home. Which makes ponder further, is Apple’s interior lighting so abysmal that you have to bring in a lamp from home?

  3. Abysmal depending on who you talk to. I don’t have a window office (which is totally fine by me) so I have to supply some form of lighting. Apple’s lighting is 100% fluorescent. I hate that, so I bring lamps in.

  4. Of course not! What fun are lightbulbs if you’re not a little wreckless?

    OK, just kidding. In truth, I only had it on for awhile, and it’s no longer in my office. I’ve replaced it with a more-reasonable 60W brother.

  5. A 250 W bulb could of caused far greater problems, like an electrical fire or something. You’re lucky to still be alive and have your job. I won’t bore you with the calculations, but next time check with facilities management before using a non-OSHA approved light bulb in a non-OSHA approved lamp. 🙂

  6. Perhaps next time, before I regale you all with a strange tale of daring, I will recall how you have lectured me so, and not tell you at all.

    Yes, that seems fair.

  7. While my office lighting consists of rope lights, those who bring in their own lights have been known to get lightbulbs by just calling and asking. They don’t even ask what it’s for, just what you want.

  8. I find it ironic that you figured out the riddle that got you into apple (which had to do with light bulbs) with ease, but when it comes to practical application of light bulbs you bomb it. You are a light-bulbic idiot savant.

  9. Is the title of the entry inspired by the Polyphonic Spree song? What is this light bulb riddle eddie writes of?

  10. Excellent guesses, for those of you who guessed Polyphonic Spree. It is their phrase, indeed.

    I’ll make a separate entry sometime about the lightbulb riddle. It’s not all that great or even all that difficult, but it’s kinda fun. You may have already heard it.

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