iBook Stampede

Recently the Henrico County School District sold about 1000 iBooks for $50 each because they decided they liked Dell laptops better. The sale created a riot and several people got hurt. You can get an idea of the carnage in some videos.

What kind of idiots would sell these iBooks for $50 when they could’ve gotten many times that? (12,000 people showed up. I’m guessing they teach their kids about supply and demand?) Probably the same kind that wouldn’t prepare properly for an event like this, allowing people to get crushed and hurt when it would’ve been easy to give a little order to the horde instead of throwing open the gates carelessly. Then again, they are selling iBooks in favor of Dell laptops. What can we expect of them?

Oh well. Next year they’ll have a bunch of kids asking why their school laptop has viruses and spyware on it, but they won’t have any time to fix it because they’re too busy with their physical rehabilitation appointments.

5 thoughts on “iBook Stampede

  1. I guess I should also say that I acknowledge a lot of the blame goes to the stampeders for being overly eager to make a buck on eBay (or have a cheap laptop). Still, the administration could have avoided the entire thing, and it’s sad to see.

  2. The best idea I’ve heard on the matter is they justified the upgrade by effectively classifying the iBooks as “worthless”. If they would have sold them for a higher price it would have been harder to justify their lack of value and the need to replace them. Of course they’re obviously not worthless and whoever suckered them into going along with that is probably feeling like an idiot (or at least that person’s superiors think of them as an idiot).

  3. I agree that the whole incident was absolutely ridiculous. All of that chaos for an outdated laptop? Doesn’t seem to make sense to me personally.

    However, If I am reading correct, you make the statement “Then again, they are selling iBooks in favor of Dell laptops…Next year they’ll have a bunch of kids asking why their school laptops has viruses and spyware on it.” Were you referring to the iBooks having viruses and spyware? If so, it would be important to mention that there have been ZERO instances of spyware affecting any Apple computers – and only limited viruses ever. If anything, dell laptops would be more prone to those attacks (As MS has 98% of the Desktop Computer industry). (If thats NOT what you are saying, then you can disregard my comment 🙂

    It’s also important to note im not bias either way, as I have been in the computer industry for several years and have worked on many different platforms/OS. Just wanted to question your sources.

    Nice blog by the way!


  4. Nate, my comments about viruses and spyware were directed at the Dells and Windows. I’m very aware that Macs have neither of those things since I’m a Mac user myself. (I don’t claim to be unbiased. 🙂

  5. Josh,
    Thats cool – just checking for clarification 🙂 Though I work on both, my home computer is a Powerbook G4, my wifes computer is an iMac, and my work computer is a MAC mini. I guess that tells you what I PREFER, I just dont fall into the generalizations about either OS and their pitfalls/praises (which was what I meant when referring to being unbiased). The media in general can fill your heads with many different things!



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