The Items We Carry: Photos

There’s something gorgeous about this "The Items We Carry" Flickr group. The things we keep in our pockets as we travel are so deeply personal and say alot about who we are, what we worry about, and what we love. I really enjoy just paging through these photos, wondering about who these people are at that level.

Also, there are a ton of Apple products in these photos. It’s almost ridiculously disproportionate. Think about what that says about Apple.

I had this photo as my desktop photo at work for quite some time. I love the wallpaper image on that iPhone. I’m also somewhat of a minimalist, like this person seems to be. I even went so far at one point as to use a Jimi Wallet, although I’ve since forsaken that effort for pragmatic reasons. Plus, the wood in that photo looks old and worn, and it’s beautiful.

What’s your favorite carried-items photo? What is implied about that person from the contents of their pockets?

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